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The range of all weather furniture you can consider
A lovely weatherproof bench on a garden path.

A lot of people want it, a lot of people need it, but choosing your all weather garden furniture can often be a very daunting task indeed!

Especially living around the Kent area, where there aren’t actually many garden centres that stock this variety of furniture, and so I’ve taken it upon myself to search far and wide for the best providers, both locally and online, to give you the best of the bunch, so here goes!

Winawood Furniture – The New Best of Both Weatherproof Option

I could go on and on about the benefits of Winawood, it really is a one of a kind option for you and your garden, mixing the obvious classic appeal of wooden looking furniture, with man made materials that create a durable, yet elegant and real looking piece of furniture.

Winawood Benches, Love Seats, Dining Sets

The range available is extensive, with the Winawood bench being the most popular of the range, particularly the 3 seater Winawood bench in Teak (Sandwick style), which seems to have become a best seller across the entire country.

Browse this video below by Garden Centre Shopping for more info:

Where to buy Winawood? Winawood Stockists

We recommend you purchase from a local seller if you can, such as a garden centre, however there aren’t actually that many Winawood stockists in Kent, and so we recommend browsing online providers of Winawood to buy it with home delivery:

  • Garden Centre Shopping ( 01455 274748

UV Stabilized Rattan Furniture – Premium but much better

Looking at synthetic rattan vs the plastic shell variety
All weather rattan furniture often looks the same as cheaper alternatives.

When you’re looking at a new range of furniture, particularly the modern style of rattan synethetic stuff, you can see quite a large variation in prices, which can lead to the question:

“What really is the difference between the £200 set and the £1200 set of rattan furniture?”

Well the answer is, quite a lot.

UV Stabilized vs Plastic Rattan

There are two different types you will see, and they are the direct cause of how well your furniture weathers outdoors, it’s whether it’s made of plastic, or whether it’s a UV stabilized synthetic fabric.

The plastic rattan is the typical hard shell that you find in B&Q or Homebase, where it looks like it’s been woven, but actually it’s a plastic mould, hard and unforgiving, not to mention it weathers really badly outside.

The latter is UV stabilized, hand woven rattan, which cushions you nicely, but also is protected from the sun, meaning it won’t become brittle or break down when left outside, a very important point when considering garden furniture.

Steel vs Aluminium Furniture Frames – Avoiding Rust

This is also a key to the longevity of your furniture set. If you choose a steel frame, then the furniture will be heavier, but also it will become rusty when left outside in the rain and ice, meaning it could become damaged and fall apart within a few months of purchase.

On the contrary, an aluminium frame cannot rust, and is therefore protected from damage when left outside, meaning your set will last for many years to come without becoming worn or broken.

This is great when you’ve got your favourite reclining garden chair that you want to last you into your retirement.

Where to buy all weather rattan furniture?

Again there aren’t actually many local suppliers in Kent of this type of furniture, but I recommend shopping around and trying to source it at a garden centre. Failing that, you can always look online again, like we mentioned Garden Centre Shopping seem to be a good supplier, located in Leicestershire just off the M69 at Sapcote Garden Centre.


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